Post conference workshops

Thursday 20 June 2019

Day One Day Two - Future Vehicles Stream

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The Smart Mobility Show will feature in-depth post-event workshops. These are designed to provide an opportunity for more in depth discussions and knowledge sharing.


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The future of transportation is led by seamless mobility. Here, all modes of transportation are fully connected into a single, integrated network of transportation modes, with public transit at the centre. This workshop offers a ‘deep dive’ into the future of mobility. It is tailored for mobile operators, transport service providers, planners, infrastructure managers and local councils.

Key learnings:

  • Discover the key elements of success and failure for seamless mobility
  • Recognise the lead indicators for future transport
  • Capitalise on the flexibility of shared modes and productivity of mass transit
  • Establish the ecosystem for success for seamless mobility: public and private roles
  • Understand the options to ‘solve’ congestion and how this relates to future mobility options and scale
  • Future-proof and stay agile in the face of an uncertain future transport scenarios
  • Clarify key factors involving the future of shared mobility and ownership
  • Assess if autonomous vehicles make best sense in a mobility setting

Neil Temperley
Future Cities; Transport & Logistics; Clusters & Living Labs; Data & Technology