IoT for Transport & Logistics Summit

19-20 JUNE 2018

IoT is enabling transportation and logistics providers to track each cog in the supply chain; they can now collect real-time data on all of their assets across warehouses, roads, seas, skies; even people.

The explosion of data and intelligence resulting from this connectivity will drive more efficient operations and more accurate decision-making.

According to DHL, THE utilisation of the IoT in supply chains and logistics could generate $1.9 trillion in value for the industry over the next decade.

At the same time, emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles, advanced telematics and drones are creating disruption in the freight and logistics market - something we’re already seeing with the launch of Amazon’s Prime Air service and Uber’s self-driving truck.

The IoT for Transport & Logistics Summit will provide a forum for discussion around these themes.

It will showcase how IoT is enabling transport and logistics companies to keep track of where everything is, and the way T&L firms function - cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and creating new revenue possibilities.

It will also highlight the disruptive forces that are reshaping the industry, enabling new competitors to emerge, and creating structural shifts that need to be navigated for survival.
It will bring together CIOs, COOs, and heads of transportation, distribution, logistics, supply chain and allied sectors to learn and make more informed decisions.

The Summit mixes high-level keynotes, industry case studies from local and global leaders and interactive roundtables moderated by experts.

What makes the IoT for Transport & Logistics Summit unique?

  • Australia’s leading event exploring impact of digital disruption and emerging technology on freight transport and logistics
  • Held as part of the Smart Mobility Show, a 3 day festival dedicated to the future of mobility
  • Co-located with the 3rd annual Future Vehicles Summit, Australia’s leading event focused on connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Supported by Advisory Board of renowned industry experts
  • Visionary speakers – Local and global authorities will provide insights into key trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Interactive agenda with breakout sessions and roundtables providing in depth knowledge around specific challenges and opportunities
  • Leading exhibition – a showcase of 20 of the world’s leading solution providers

The IoT for Transport & Logistics Summit is your opportunity to get your brand “front of mind” with your target market.

  • Engage with senior level freight and logistics leaders
  • Influence purchasing decisions and create new opportunities for your organisation
  • Be part of real world discussions around industry challenges and opportunities
  • Showcase your capabilities and expertise, and position your company as a partner of choice

We hope you can be part of Australia’s most innovative event for freight and logistics!


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